office clutter

5 Items That Are Clogging Up Your Office Space

As the old saying goes, “Clean Space, Clean Mind”. And as it happens, it’s true. 

The correlation between office clutter and productivity is well-documented. Studies show that a cluttered and chaotic workspace can restrict brain focus, reduce productivity and increase stress levels. Not only that, but research suggests that disorganised employees can cost managers up to 10 percent of their salary, impacting overall profitability. 

In short, clutter is bad for business. Keep reading to learn more.


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office design

Stylish Office Design Trends to Watch For in 2019

According to a 2003 survey, 97% of employees believe that the shape that their office indirectly correlates with how valuable their employer views them. 30% of those same employees were too embarrassed about the state of their workspace to bring back any clients or colleagues.

Are you feeling a little nervous now because your office decor screams “1990s”? Don’t worry; it’s not too late for you. You’ve already stumbled across this blog, so you’re going the right direction. 
Keep reading to find out what office design trends you should implement to give your space a facelift.

Office design is constantly evolving! Stay ahead of the pack and check out the latest trends in office design.


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